Just Fix Things!


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What If Biden Dies?

A vote for a dead person is not valid

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I Remember September 11th

A woman who worked with me began screaming hysterically. Her only daughter worked in the twin towers and she couldn’t reach her to tell her to get the hell out of there. It was clear that something had gone horribly wrong.

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Just Asking: Why Would PETA Support The Green New Deal?

The American-Conservative announces a new series of short questions that should be asked but never are, about issues in society, along with our comments on them. The first question, why would PETA support the Green New Deal? Just asking.

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Medicare For All – Hurray!

There are 330 million people in America. Only 57 million now have Medicare. So, Medicare only covers one in five people. Using simple multiplication, the government would need to raise your Medicare tax 500 percent to cover the hospital costs for all Americans.

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