Syria, Aleppo and the Refugees in a Nutshell

The Russian military has joined the fighting on the side of their ally Assad. Their interests are not in ending the ISIS threat. Their goal is to preserve Assad’s government. To that end, the Russians are bombing both ISIS, which looks to take over Syria and make it part of their’ caliphate’, and the other rebels opposing Assad’s rule.

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Justice for the Ordinary

This week Harold Thomas Martin III was arrested by the FBI and charged with theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials. The FBI found “highly classified documents and information” stored on various devices around his home.

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Trump and His Taxes

There is no such thing as a loop hole. What the media likes to call loop holes are simply provisions of the law that somebody else doesn’t like when you use them. They are not illegal at all. They are, in fact, part of the law and if you are a businessman and do not take all of the available deductions, you have failed your fiduciary duty to your company, stockholders and employees.

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Defending the Innocent Unborn

We are called to show mercy to the innocent unborn because mercy has been shown to us.

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Cruz, Adams and Beck

Cruz looked to the historic ramifications of this election. He could be principled and not endorse Trump. He could be pragmatic and support Trump as the better of the two choices for America. In the end, Cruz chose pragmatism because he realized that principles did not matter if you lose the nation.

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It’s Time To Profile

Single, lonely lone wolf muslim terrorist seeks other muslim lone wolf terrorists for murder, mayhem and jihad. Must believe that all Westerners are the devil and must die. Prefer someone who has already killed Christians and Jews.

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