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The Beloved Americans

We live in a country where, I am ashamed to say, that our President does not recognize that the United States of America was ordained by God at its establishment to be a blessed land of liberty and the force for good in the world. Recall that Mr. Obama said in his first major trip […]

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Your Congress in Action

Use the link in this short article to search bills and see how your representative voted.

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Obama’s Answer to Our Energy Crisis

In March, I sent the following letter to the White House, asking President Obama to open up domestic oil production: Dear Mr. President: I am requesting that your administration open up American oil fields for production. Every day the U.S. imports an average of 10 million barrels of oil, while our own domestic production has […]

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150 Years after the Civil War – States’ Rights Lost but the Promise of Equality Fulfilled

The south still considered slavery to be essential to its existence and they asserted their right to continue the practice. For the individual farmer, his slave was his most valuable possession. You could not forcibly take his property from him. The right of property ownership was protected by the Constitution.

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Obama 38 Billion, Tea Party Zero

With great regret, President Obama and Harry Reid reluctantly agreed to reduce this year’s government spending by $38 billion. Nancy Pelosi, who has been on the sidelines as a non-entity in these negotiations, decried the spending cuts that she could have avoided if she had did her duty as Speaker of the House and passed […]

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