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The Argument against torture

John Darash, a founder of the Dutchess County New York Tea Party, presents a compelling argument against the methods that we are using. You may not agree with him. In many ways, I do not. The need to safeguard our innocent civilians supersedes an enemy soldier’s rights – or does it? Read his article and reflect on his thoughts. It may not resolve your feelings on it but it does give you food for thought.

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The Battle for the Debt Ceiling

The White House has already put the first push against the Republicans in the debt ceiling battle. On Monday, May 15th, Treasury Secretary Geithner ordered the Treasury Department to stop investing federal employees’ Thrift Savings Plan (TSP, the government’s equivalent to an employer 401K) in treasury notes. Federal employee’s investments in Treasury instruments are not […]

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When Johnny Comes Home Again

A melancholy came over her. She was a young woman but her soul was old and her heart belonged to that time nearly a hundred years ago when America was getting ready to go to war. “During the Great War, the lads of the lower east side and the Bowery would come here for a farewell meal with their friends and to toast each other for their deeds of bravery that they would surely do in France. At the end of the night, before they left, the lads would hang the wishbones over the gas pipes for luck. When they returned from the war they came back in here and took their wishbones home.”

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Was it courage or was it the gambler in him calculating that a positive result would catapult him to another term? Did he do it because it was right, or was it gambling on the competence of our military that would spotlight his courage? Simultaneously he planned on using the military for this absolutely essential […]

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Energy Game Plan

It should be clear to all observers that Obama is going to tout his new energy plan as a bold move to explore for our resources here at home. He will justify more spending on yet unproven technologies of solar, and wind, while promising again to deliver the resources we know work, but are locked […]

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