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Revising the Old Testament

As we have seen in the results of New York’s 26th congressional district election Democrats and liberals will succeed in demagoguing Medicare and other entitlements if conservatives are shy about telling the truth. Some who view social entitlements as if they are as sacrosanct as the Old Testament need a little perspective. That document was […]

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Gross National Happiness?

The International Business Times of San Francisco reported that North Korea announced a survey of the Gross National Happiness of the nations of this poor planet. Where do you want to go to be the happiest that you can be?  Drum roll…China!  The Chinese scored a perfect 100 points on the North Korean Happiness meter.  […]

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Stupid Laws, Stupid People, Number 1

Stupidity knows no bounds, so from time to time I will post some of the outrageous things that are done or proposed by people who think they are acting in your best interest.

Here is the maiden sampling of stupid:

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