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What if We Suspended the Election?

The other day Governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina made an outrageous suggestion that we should suspend the next election so the government could get some work done.  The idea exceeds the bounds of our sense of democracy and she should suffer the wrath of her constituents for even daring to put forth an idea […]

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Stupid Laws, Stupid People, Number 3

DC – Wes Craven, New Surgeon General:  Or at least he should be.  Dateline Washington – Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan has published instructions on how to handle the threat of “a zombie apocalypse “in a recent blog at the CDC’s Public Health Matters site.  Tips include assembling an emergency kit that includes food, water, […]

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Keep Up With Me, Rush

In yesterday’s broadcast, Rush announced that he was surprised that we were facing another budget crisis at the end of the month.  Tuesday afternoon, John Boehner’s proposed budget continuing resolution went down to defeat when every Democrat and forty-eight Tea Party conservative Republicans voted against it.  The Republicans complained that the bill included new spending […]

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The Muslim’s Love for His Fellow Man

On Wednesday Iranian courts released captive American hostages Shane Bauer and Joseph Fattal two years after kidnapping them in a mountainous region on what may have been the Iraqi side of the border.  In what was at worse an inadvertent intrusion by three hikers, the Iranian clerics, who control the courts, finally released the two […]

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Gov. Perry’s Gardasil Debate

Texas Governor Rick Perry has opened up a can of worms with his executive order to require inoculations of children with the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.  Although his political opponents for the Republican nomination for president have focused the issue on this particular vaccine and whether or not his order was payback for political contributions, there […]

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