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Damming the Rising Tide

Big business is an easy target because large corporations report billions of dollars in revenues each quarter. It is easy to think that a business is greedy because it generates large sums of money, especially in comparison to the average worker’s paycheck. Like Roosevelt, today’s Democrats blame businesses for making so much money and the Republicans for wanting to help them make more. What Obama and the Democrats never say out loud is that workers are employed because businesses are successful.

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S.1867: Can the Military Detain You Without Trial?

Are we in for a reign of secret police coming in the dead of night or are we being protected from international terrorists? Read on to find out.

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House R.E.I.N.S in Obama

Governing by regulation has been a long standing problem throughout America’s history. However, the Obama administration has raised this to a new height, implementing more executive orders and regulations than any other administration in American history.

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