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A True Leader Leads

When an extreme natural disaster strikes a part of the country, the American people do not care if the people who live there are Democrats, Republicans, black, white or anything else. They want their leader there.

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Our Debt, Our Burden, Our Doom?

Alexander Hamilton said that the accumulation of debt is perhaps the natural disease of all governments. While I cannot speak for all governments, Hamilton was certainly right about our federal government.

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Abbott and Costello Explain Obama’s Unemployment Counting System

The July new jobs and unemployment figures just came out. The economy (yes, the economy, not the government) created 165,000 new jobs but there were 195,000 new unemployment claims. However, more people are now looking for work so even though there was a whole bunch of new jobs, the unemployment rate went up. Do you follow this? If not, let’s just have Abbott and Costello explaining it for you.

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