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Standing For Principles

75 years ago another politician did what was politically expedient and gave away the rights of the people they were supposed to be representing, to the detriment of the world. Today, our leaders seem bent on doing the same.

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Obama’s Katrina: Who Cares?

Remember when the media, the Democrats and liberals blasted George Bush for not going to New Orleans after Katrina? So when is Barak Obama going to visit Colorado?

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Saved by the Clown

“I was elected to stop wars, not start them.” With that line, President Obama prepared the American military to strike at the Syrian government. What Obama did not reckon was that the American people wanted no part of this action.

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Stay Out of Syria’s War

Every nation has the right to go to hell in a manner of its own choosing. In Syria’s case, their people have chosen a civil war between a dictatorship and factions that are heavily involved with Islamic fundamentalist fighters, many of whom are the same people that we have been fighting around the world since 2001.

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