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Sauce for the Goose

It is a shame that the American people can so nonchalantly accept Obama’s demands for a cooperative, inclusive government for the Iraqi people and not demand the same for itself.

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Obama’s Vietnam

No one has had the nerve to say this yet, so let me be the first. Iraq is Obama’s Vietnam.

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Because You Can’t Take Care Of Yourself # 1

Liberalism, socialism, progressivism, everything but freedom and individualism, because you can’t take care of yourself.

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D-Day Disgrace

For the 70th anniversary of D-Day, we have a gum-popping leader of the free world.

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D-Day Remembered

A few years ago I was at the museum at West Point, a place that is surprisingly quiet, considering the history there. In the large lobby hung tall banners depicting major battles throughout the army’s history. I stopped in front of the banner depicting the D-Day landings. An old man, now frail and thin-haired stood next to me in silence. “I was nineteen years old when I landed on the beach that day and I was scared shitless.” I took his bony hand and shook it. With tears in my voice, I said “thank you sir for doing that for me.”

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