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Is This 2008 For the Democrats?

Hillary looks to be Bob Dole and John McCain all over again. At 67, Hillary is the tired, old, establishment candidate put forth by the party professionals.

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Around the World

Although this is an American-based political and social commentary website, we have had readers from such far away places as Moldova, Singapore, Seychelles, Palestinian Territories, Mongolia, Cote D’Ivorie, Polynesia and the Congo.

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A Bedtime Story

This little boy dreamt that he would be a big league baseball player when he was just a baby in his mommy’s tummy. But she didn’t share that dream with him.

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Amend the 14th Amendment

As practiced now, Birthright Citizenship means that the child of any woman who gives birth in the United States is an American citizen. This has opened the doors to literally millions of foreign citizens to come to our country illegally, hoping that her child would be born here, thereby automatically becoming an American citizen.

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