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Happy Birthday Jesus

The Word was made flesh by God’s endless power. Luke’s beautiful narrative of the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary tells the world that God is sending His Word to mankind in human form by the power of his Holy Spirit. Mary will miraculously conceive a child and he will be named Jesus.

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What I Am Grateful For

This year I am reflecting on what I am grateful for and you may be surprised at what it is. I am grateful for a man named Harvey Griswold who died perhaps thirty years ago.

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Trump’s Plan is Both Legal and Right

Congress has passed laws that grant authority to the president to determine if any foreign nationality or subset should be denied the right to immigrate to America. As has been widely reported in the news, President Jimmy Carter used the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, section 313, to deny visas and to round up and deport Iranian students, after the Iranian government’s seizure of our embassy.

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Trump’s database already exists

The people believe that our government is doing a poor job protecting us from foreign terrorists who would murder us in our homes and communities. Keeping tabs on foreigners coming from countries that are already the hotbeds of terrorism is a prudent precaution to protect the American people.

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