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The Democratic (Party) Process

In California, Clinton got 53% of the vote and Sanders 46% but Hillary got 67 superdelegates while Sanders got 0. Does that reflect the will of the people?

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The Unbiased Media

If ABC wants to be even handed they will hire Newt Gingrich to do the analysis of the Democrat convention but don’t hold your breath for that.

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The Clinton Whitewash

While Comey has the reputation of being a straight shooter and strict law and order man, it is apparent that he was given orders to clear Clinton. He had to do this because if Clinton went to trial, it would come out that she used her personal email server with the full knowledge and consent of the President of the United States and that would mean the impeachment of Barak Obama.

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Adams, Jefferson and the Fourth of July

When we think of the Fourth of July, our minds invoke the image of George Washington, sitting on his white horse, as he led the undermanned continental Army against the professional forces of the British Empire. However, our story starts in Philadelphia, in 1776, with John Adams.

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