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The American-Conservative comments on politics, economics and the news of the day.  The posts support the traditional American values of personal responsibility, freedom to achieve and limited government intervention in the citizens’ lives.  Readers’ thoughts and comments are welcome.

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Bob Carlson is the principle author of the content of the website.  He is a former senior government manager.  Bob holds a degree in Political Science from Boston College.

Tim Sullivan is a contributor to The American-Conservative.  He is an Information Technology specialist and translator from New York. Tim has been a resident of Japan for several years. He currently lives and works in Tokyo. Tim is a noted photographer. View his photos at http://tcsuliv.aminus3.com.

Dan Rohe is a contributor to The American-Conservative.  Dan has worked in oil exploration and production sites throughout the world. He is a recognized oil industry expert who has testified before Congress, as well as contributed to national news networks on oil safety issues.

Charles Sullivan is a noted environmental attorney.  He has held several senior management positions with New York State as well as a twenty-two year career with the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General staff.  He has also worked for the National Park Service on major environmental projects.