Comey And That Sucking Sound

I believe that James Comey got sucked into the Clinton-Obama conspiracy and because he was a weak man, exonerated Hillary Clinton.

First, understand what took place.  To do that you have to go back to when Bill Clinton finished his term as president.  When Bill and Hillary left the White House, they frequently complained that they were the poorest former president and first lady in American history.  They said, in fact, they were in debt at the end of their eight years.  They needed money.  They wanted money and Hillary’s presidency was the path to riches.

Bill and Hillary planned to use their positions as president and first gentleman to enrich themselves.  What they never expected was the vastly inexperienced Barack Obama would win the nomination.  Barack’s nomination was as big a shock to him as it was to Hillary and Bill.  Gone was their opportunity to make buckets of money from their presidency.  But Barack did not have an organization behind him.  If he were going to beat John McCain, he would need the Clinton’s team and donors.  He asked them what they wanted in trade.

Hillary did not want the vice presidency.  She did not want to be in Barack’s shadow, doing the baby kissing appearances.  What then would enrich her?  The Secretary of State job.  As secretary of state, she would be the American government’s contact point for every world leader.  The opportunity to make deals through Bill would be endless.  But what did Hillary and Bill have to offer?  Information and influence, but you cannot just pass this information over government email.

The federal government takes security seriously.  Emails are subject to random security audits, even at the head of the department level.  Sending classified information over the government servers would eventually get her caught.  Her solution was to use a private server located in her house.  By doing this, she bypassed the government’s security protocols.  This allowed her to send classified information to whomever she dealt with, undetected by State’s security officers.  By doing this, she also entangled President Barack Obama.

The government’s email naming convention is first name dot second name at agency name dot gov.  So Hillary’s State Department email address would have been [email protected].  Obama would have received emails from all of his cabinet secretaries in this format, except for Hillary!  Hillary used [email protected].  This would not have gone unnoticed by Obama.

Clinton’s email security breaches eventually became public to the point that it could not be ignored and the Obama administration was forced to investigate it.  As FBI head, James Comey would have been in the lead of an investigation into the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.  It would have immediately been apparent that the president of the United States condoned and approved of Clinton’s criminal use of an unsecured private server to transmit and store classified information.  At the least, President Obama was guilty of abetting Secretary Clinton’s criminal behavior!

Bill Clinton’s forty-five minute meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in an airplane was not a chat about their grandchildren.  Bill and Hillary both knew that Comey would have to refer her to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution and they would not allow that to happen.  Bill told Lynch that Obama was complicit for allowing this to happen and that they were prepared to testify to that effect if this went to trial.  If the secretary of state testified that the president was complicit in criminal activity, the House of Representatives, then controlled by the Republicans, would have voted to impeach Obama.

Lynch reported back to Obama that Hillary was ready to throw him under the bus and drag him down with her, if Comey referred her for prosecution.  Obama then told Lynch to order Comey to quash the Clinton investigation.  Comey got sucked into the politics of Clinton’s crimes.

If Comey was a stronger person, he could have told Lynch no, resigned as FBI director and held a press conference to tell the country that both Clinton and Obama had engaged in crimes based on his investigation.  But it takes a strong person to bring down a country’s government when its leaders are corrupt and Comey did not have that strength.  And so, James Comey held his infamous press conference where he ‘exonerated’ Hillary Clinton.

This would have been the end of it, had Clinton won the election.  She probably would have kept Comey on as FBI director in her administration  in order to keep an eye on him. But she lost.

Losing the election meant Clinton was still in jeopardy.  A Clinton administration would not have pursued an investigation against its own president but a Trump administration certainly might.  And while charges against Obama probably would not have been pressed once he left office, Barack did not his reputation destroyed as a dirty president.

Clinton, Obama and the Democrats went on the offensive.  They dredged up Clinton’s Steele dossier and had Comey show it to President-elect Trump.  Once Trump had knowledge of it, they had his political enemy, John McCain leak it to the press.  Now in the public domain, Comey then began an investigation of the allegations of Russian involvement in the campaign with Trump, resulting in Mueller’s appointment as special counsel charged with investigating the allegations.

This entire Mueller investigation and the Democratic attacks against President Trump has been an effort to keep Hillary Clinton out of jail.  However, like all lies, as they grow, they are harder to keep going.  Now, we wait for the Inspector General and Barr’s US Attorney’s actions.  Stay tuned, this is about to turn back on the Democrats.

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