Energy Game Plan

It should be clear to all observers that Obama is going to tout his new energy plan as a bold move to explore for our resources here at home. He will justify more spending on yet unproven technologies of solar, and wind, while promising again to deliver the resources we know work, but are locked in the ground in the U.S.A. As a Cajun oilfield hand recently told me if you pile wishes in one hand and dung in the other, which fills up first. Our fundamentally transformed economy is in fact a dung heap that promises won’t fix.

We have the ability no country on earth has, and that is to buy time to the new energy paradigm with the currency we control. Our own resources, if developed and used responsibly will lead us to the new fuels of the future, for us, and the world.

It takes years of doing to understand what the engine of our economy has been, is, and can be, and this President has never done anything remotely oriented to commerce. Commerce and free enterprise have created the environment for realized potential in America. Government crushes the spirit of free enterprise whether it is government from the right or left. A person who listened to twenty years of hate from a Black Liberation Preacher, and used those ideas in his community development, is not particularly open to the insights of a Cajun working the land and developing its resources. Truly, a Marshal Plan to exploit America’s resources for our benefit, prosperity, and future security is what is needed in the USA.

I suspect more and more Americans will be onto the empty words and broken promises in this election cycle, and fewer will have the warm tingly feeling up their collective legs that Chris Matthews seems to perpetually experience when fawning over the enlightened one’s platitudes. This time dancing around our problems will leave us all with leg cramps rather than warm fuzzy feelings.

When generalities are spoken by a politician it is to allow the speaker the maximum latitude to say, “I told you so” later, while doing exactly the opposite of what was expected by the words. Our energy policies need specifics, and as yet we have seen none. Fool me once shame on you…..

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