Stupid Laws, Stupid People, Number 2

Stupid has not gone away since the maiden voyage of Stupid Laws, Stupid People.  Here are some more dummies.

Austria (we are going international!) – Pastafarians in Space!:  Niko Alm’s driver’s license photo has a picture of him wearing a spaghetti strainer on his head.  Mr. Alm, who was fed up with Muslim women being allowed to wear headscarves for their driver’s license pictures, declared that his religion required him to wear a colander on his head for “confessional” reasons.

Mr. Alm is a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, whose followers call themselves Pastafarians.  The church has almost 150,000 members and you can follow them on Facebook.  Why am I not surprised by that?

Austrian officials made Mr. Alm undergo a mental health exam to determine if he was fit enough to drive a car before they issued him his license.  Now that I believe!

CA – California to teach the historic contributions of gays:  Gov. “Moonbeam” Brown has signed a law requiring public schools to teach the historical contributions of gays, lesbians and transgendered in their history curricula.  Well we certainly know their contribution to the film industry.  Who could forget such classics as The Birdcage, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and To Wu Chang, With Love, Julie Newmar?  We hope that California still keeps room in their courses for the contributions of minorities.  We wouldn’t want to lose George Washington Carver and the use of the peanut.  What is the matter with just being Americans?  There is no need to divide us up seven ways to Sunday so that everyone gets their spot in the sun.  Let the accomplishments of the individual speak for themself.

VT – Don’t worry, the wooden dinosaur won’t eat your moose!:  The district environmental commission has decided to allow Brian Boland to keep his 25 foot high, 122 foot long, wooden dinosaur, saying it would not destroy or imperil wildlife.  The dinosaur, nicknamed Vermontasaurus, was made by Mr. Boland out of scrap wood found on the grounds of a local airstrip.  Since it is made out of wood, it won’t really eat the wildlife but Vermonters needed the local environmentalists to tell them that.

The town of Thetford waived the building permit, saying Vermontasaurus was art, something the environmental commission couldn’t determine without a meeting.

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