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Remembering The Honored Dead

I sat on an ancient stool at the bar and ordered a dark ale.  A gas pipe hung low over the bar.  As I looked up at it I was mesmerized by the long row of chicken wishbones draped on it with strands of dust that were so long that it could have been Spanish moss if this was bayou country.  My curiosity got the better of me as I pointed up to the sight and asked the bartender what this was.

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Genesis and the Big Bang Theory

 Modern science accounts for all of creation, from the first ray of light to our lives today.  How could anyone believe in a creation myth that cannot account for our existence today?

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Giuliani for Deputy Attorney General

Rather than aggravate the Senate Republicans by picking on Jeff Sessions, or firing him, Trump has an opportunity to strengthen his hand and deal a blow to the Democrats…appoint Rudy Giuliani as Deputy Attorney General.

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An Opportunity For The Republicans

What happens to American medical care when there are no more health insurance companies? 

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A Nation Full Of Little Charlies

The British are not cruel. They plan to take Charlie off his ventilator and make him comfortable but it is their decision that he should not receive any further medical treatment.

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The People’s Revolution


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