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Medicare For All – Hurray!

There are 330 million people in America. Only 57 million now have Medicare. So, Medicare only covers one in five people. Using simple multiplication, the government would need to raise your Medicare tax 500 percent to cover the hospital costs for all Americans.

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Comey And That Sucking Sound

If Comey was a stronger person, he could have told Lynch no, resigned as FBI director and held a press conference to tell the country that both Clinton and Obama had engaged in crimes based on his investigation.

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We Are Damned

the baby is no longer legally considered to be a person, even if she is born alive and you can therefore complete the abortion by killing a living person.

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Around the World

Although this is an American-based political and social commentary website, we have had readers from such far away places as Moldova, Singapore, Seychelles, Palestinian Territories, Mongolia, Cote D’Ivorie, Polynesia and the Congo.

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I Love Jill

I Love Jill

If the meaning of something as fundamental as marriage can be changed once, then it can be changed again. Beware of what you have unleashed.

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