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Around the World

Although this is an American-based political and social commentary website, we have had readers from such far away places as Moldova, Singapore, Seychelles, Palestinian Territories, Mongolia, Cote D’Ivorie, Polynesia and the Congo.

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I Love Jill

I Love Jill

If the meaning of something as fundamental as marriage can be changed once, then it can be changed again. Beware of what you have unleashed.

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Speak Up, Conservatives!

During last fall’s sequester, who shut down the government? The Republicans in the House, right? Of course they did, that is what Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and the media told you.

Wrong – the government shut down because of the Democrat controlled Senate.

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Why Scott Walker Must be Re-elected

Bear with me as I convey a story about an impoverished rural county in New York as a reason for Scott Walker’s re-election.

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Thirty-nine Years of Suffering, Pain and Death

Thirty-nine years ago today the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal, with some restrictions. To think that the American government would decide that killing a child is a legal act is appalling.

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