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Why You Don’t Have A Job

People are employed by businesses and businesses are very sensitive to government taxation and policies. Look at the number of workers who have had their hours cut to less than 29 hours a week because Obamacare mandates that companies provide expensive healthcare to full time workers. The answer is not to punish businesses by increasing their expenses. Instead, government policies should encourage growth.

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Issues for America

Over the next several weeks The American-Conservative will explore many of the issues facing our country and propose conservative solutions to address our problems. Most of these will address government policies and laws, since the government is the source of so many of our ills. We believe that the conservative approach is the best way to resolve our common difficulties. Conservatism best fits the American character. It honors the principles of the Constitution and honors our Judeo-Christian heritage. It is what the world sees when they hear The United States of America.

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Why White Privilege Will Stay

Folks, white Americans will never give up what they have. It is not because they are racists. It is economics.

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Climate Change – I Guess We Are the Stupid People

There is little doubt the air’s CO2 concentration has risen significantly since the inception of the Industrial Revolution; and there are few who do not attribute the CO2 increase to the increase in humanity’s use of fossil fuels. There is also little doubt the earth has warmed slightly over the same period; but there is no compelling reason to believe that the rise in temperature was caused by the rise in CO2.

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Extending Unemployment? – Maybe

I want to hear the administration say we need longer unemployment benefits because the economy is still bad. You cannot say that the recession is over and we are in an economic upswing and still ask for extended unemployment. Either the economy is good and we don’t need them any longer or the economy still stinks and we need to help our fellow citizens. You cannot have it both ways Mr. President. The American people can tell the difference.

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