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The Global Warming Game

If the global warmers were honest scientists and concerned citizens, they would have acknowledged that their assumption of the effects of carbon dioxide on temperatures was wrong and they would have dropped the demand that use of hydrocarbon fuels be curtailed.

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Solving the Energy Crisis

Why do we keep holding ourselves hostage to foreign oil suppliers when we are oil-rich in North America? We have an administration that discourages oil development at home and encourages political unrest in oil-supplying nations.


Obama’s Gas Crisis

We have become a nation that thinks the federal government is responsible for everything, good or bad. Since that is the case, here is why gas prices are rising to five dollars a gallon and why the gas crisis is Obama’s fault.

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Energy Game Plan

It should be clear to all observers that Obama is going to tout his new energy plan as a bold move to explore for our resources here at home. He will justify more spending on yet unproven technologies of solar, and wind, while promising again to deliver the resources we know work, but are locked […]

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Obama’s Answer to Our Energy Crisis

In March, I sent the following letter to the White House, asking President Obama to open up domestic oil production: Dear Mr. President: I am requesting that your administration open up American oil fields for production. Every day the U.S. imports an average of 10 million barrels of oil, while our own domestic production has […]

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