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The Fallacy of the One Percent

once the progressives have taxed and spent all of the one percenters’ money, where do they look to next?

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Dear Senator Schumer

It is not lost on the citizens of the United States that you and the Democratic Party supported a border wall and curtailment of illegal entry when it was politically favorable to do so. 

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Issues for America

Over the next several weeks The American-Conservative will explore many of the issues facing our country and propose conservative solutions to address our problems. Most of these will address government policies and laws, since the government is the source of so many of our ills. We believe that the conservative approach is the best way to resolve our common difficulties. Conservatism best fits the American character. It honors the principles of the Constitution and honors our Judeo-Christian heritage. It is what the world sees when they hear The United States of America.

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Dear Congressman

A principled stand against policies and laws that injure the public financially and infringes on the inalienable liberties of its citizens is never wrong. We, the American people, supported this effort. A soldier would not leave his comrades on the battlefield when the enemy fire became too intense. Why would we expect less from any of our elected representatives?

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Let Your Child Die of Cancer Says Harry Reid

Bash asked “But if you can help one child with cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?” Reid answered with “Why would we want to do that? I have 1100 people at Nellis Air Force Base sitting home. They have problems of their own.”

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