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The Conservative Seat

By this summer, we will have two greatly divergent candidates for the presidency. No matter who the Republican candidate is, he will be conservative. Either of the Democrat candidates are strongly progressive. The November election will be the voice of the American people saying which direction we want our country to go. Therefore, having the next president fill the Supreme Court vacancy will be a reflection of the current thinking of the citizens.

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House R.E.I.N.S in Obama

Governing by regulation has been a long standing problem throughout America’s history. However, the Obama administration has raised this to a new height, implementing more executive orders and regulations than any other administration in American history.

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150 Years after the Civil War – States’ Rights Lost but the Promise of Equality Fulfilled

The south still considered slavery to be essential to its existence and they asserted their right to continue the practice. For the individual farmer, his slave was his most valuable possession. You could not forcibly take his property from him. The right of property ownership was protected by the Constitution.

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