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Dear Senator Schumer

It is not lost on the citizens of the United States that you and the Democratic Party supported a border wall and curtailment of illegal entry when it was politically favorable to do so. 

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Trump Puts Americans’ Safety First

Have you noticed that the American Civil Liberties Union is more concerned with the liberties of foreigners than with the liberties of Americans?

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I can tell you, as a former senior federal manager, whose work reviewed these numbers, that ten years ago we were estimating 20 million illegals.

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Because We Love Our Children

Because We Love Our Children

What is more important to you, your child’s life or a home in America for a refugee?

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Trump’s Plan is Both Legal and Right

Congress has passed laws that grant authority to the president to determine if any foreign nationality or subset should be denied the right to immigrate to America. As has been widely reported in the news, President Jimmy Carter used the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, section 313, to deny visas and to round up and deport Iranian students, after the Iranian government’s seizure of our embassy.

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Kerry: Admit 100,000

Kerry: Admit 100,000

Before we begin to bring these refugees into our country wholesale, as the Europeans have, do you not think we need to screen them to weed out the terrorists? We believe in protecting the innocent. Does that not apply to our children first?

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