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Welcome To Maine

the refugees said they wanted to live in Portland because it was a welcoming place, it provided public assistance and it was easy to disappear into the community if the asylum request was not approved.

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Dear Senator Schumer

It is not lost on the citizens of the United States that you and the Democratic Party supported a border wall and curtailment of illegal entry when it was politically favorable to do so. 

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Trump Puts Americans’ Safety First

Have you noticed that the American Civil Liberties Union is more concerned with the liberties of foreigners than with the liberties of Americans?

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I can tell you, as a former senior federal manager, whose work reviewed these numbers, that ten years ago we were estimating 20 million illegals.

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Because We Love Our Children

Because We Love Our Children

What is more important to you, your child’s life or a home in America for a refugee?

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