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Jesus, The Resurrection And My Friend John

Is it not fitting that a man who loved the Lord should die on the day that Christ himself went to comfort the dead with His good news?

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Happy Birthday Jesus

The Word was made flesh by God’s endless power. Luke’s beautiful narrative of the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary tells the world that God is sending His Word to mankind in human form by the power of his Holy Spirit. Mary will miraculously conceive a child and he will be named Jesus.

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Happy Birthday Jesus

Modern media tells us that December 25th has nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity. It is rather an imported Roman pagan holiday of Saturnalia that celebrated sacrificing an innocent victim in a week-long orgy of rape, sexual license and intoxication ending on December 25th. The early church leaders hoped that by bringing this holiday into the liturgical calendar they would attract pagan converts. To overcome its more egregious practices, the church substituted Jesus’ birth for the pagan celebration’s reason. This, so we are now told, is the origin of Christmas.

Folks, they are wrong.

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Muslim Murderers

if God damned all these people to hell, I wouldn’t question His judgment

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God in our States

Your State’s founding fathers knew where the blessings of liberty come from better than certain twenty-first century liberal politicians. Here are the preambles of all fifty State constitutions. Try to find one that does not establish their governments without God’s guidance.

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Obama vs. Freedom of Religion

When did we give President Obama the power to negate our inalienable rights and to violate our Constitution? He has assumed powers that we have not granted to him and he has used these powers to curtail our liberties.