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Who Said Slaves Are Immigrants?

if Carson is an insensitive racist, so is Obama, right liberals?

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Personhood Amendment – Let the People Decide

Justice Blackmun, who wrote the Roe v. Wade decision, said that if it is established that a fetus is a person within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment, then the case for the right to abortion collapses.

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Defending the Innocent Unborn

We are called to show mercy to the innocent unborn because mercy has been shown to us.

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Preventing a Massacre

Are these poor, dead men and women in Florida a victim of politics? Perhaps, but if so, it is the politics of islamic terror or the politics of our current president, who does not fight them…

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The Bathroom Conundrum

We have a guiding democratic principle that we apply to our society. It is “Minority Rights, Majority Rules”. This principle is meant to ensure that people with opposing viewpoints have the right to exercise their beliefs without being oppressed by the majority. What our country seems to have forgotten is that the majority also has rights.

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Issues for America

Over the next several weeks The American-Conservative will explore many of the issues facing our country and propose conservative solutions to address our problems. Most of these will address government policies and laws, since the government is the source of so many of our ills. We believe that the conservative approach is the best way to resolve our common difficulties. Conservatism best fits the American character. It honors the principles of the Constitution and honors our Judeo-Christian heritage. It is what the world sees when they hear The United States of America.

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