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Dumb things that government and people do in the name of the good of society.

Stupid Laws, Stupid People Number 4

Our last edition of Stupid Laws, Stupid People ended with the tease, “is it all right to bake your child”. Here is the story plus a few more randomly stupid acts.


Stupid Laws, Stupid People, Number 3

DC – Wes Craven, New Surgeon General:  Or at least he should be.  Dateline Washington – Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan has published instructions on how to handle the threat of “a zombie apocalypse “in a recent blog at the CDC’s Public Health Matters site.  Tips include assembling an emergency kit that includes food, water, […]


Stupid Laws, Stupid People, Number 2

Stupid has not gone away since the maiden voyage of Stupid Laws, Stupid People.  Here are some more dummies. Austria (we are going international!) – Pastafarians in Space!:  Niko Alm’s driver’s license photo has a picture of him wearing a spaghetti strainer on his head.  Mr. Alm, who was fed up with Muslim women being […]

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Stupid Laws, Stupid People, Number 1

Stupidity knows no bounds, so from time to time I will post some of the outrageous things that are done or proposed by people who think they are acting in your best interest.

Here is the maiden sampling of stupid:

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