The People’s Revolution

March 23, 1775:  Patrick Henry’s ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ speech


April 19, 1775: Battle of Lexington and Concord


Apr 19, 1775 – Mar 17, 1776:  Siege of Boston


May 10, 1775: Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys seize Fort Ticonderoga


June 17, 1775:  Battle of Bunker Hill


Nov. 10-21, 1775: Ninety-six, South Carolina, Patriots sieged


Nov. 13, 1775: The patriots under Montgomery occupy Montreal in Canada


Dec. 11, 1775: Virginia and North Carolina patriots rout Loyalist troops and burn Norfolk


Dec. 22, 1775: Col. Thomson with 1,500 rangers and militia capture Loyalists at Great Canebrake, SC


Dec. 23-30, 1775: Snow Campaign, in SC


Dec. 30-31, 1775: American forces under Benedict Arnold fail attack Quebec


Jan. 15, 1776: Paine’s “Common Sense” published


Feb. 27, 1776: The patriots drive the Loyalists from Moore’s Creek Bridge, North Carolina


March 3, 1776: The Continental fleet captures New Providence Island in the Bahamas


March 17, 1776: The British evacuate Boston; British Navy moves to Halifax, Canada


June 8, 1776: Patriots attack Three Rivers, Quebec


June 12, 1776: The Virginia Declaration of Rights


June 28, 1776: British naval attack against Sullivan’s Island, SC, fails


June 29, 1776: The First Virginia Constitution


June 28, 1776: Patriots decisively defeat the British Navy at Fort Moultrie, South Carolina




Seventeen months of the American people taking action into their own hands before Congress finally gets on board.  Two hundred and forty-one years later, do you see much difference?

Americans, your fate is your responsibility.  If you expect government to take care of you, they may get around to it…eventually and maybe not in the way you like.  The beauty of America is you can make your life what you want it to be.  All you have to do is do it.


May God continue to bless Americans liberties and natural rights.

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