Climate Change – I Guess We Are the Stupid People

He is an excerpt of Secretary of State John Kerry’s opinion on climate change, as recorded by the Department of State:

It’s not an exaggeration to say to you that the entire way of life that you live and love is at risk. So let’s have a frank conversation about this threat and about what we, as citizens of the world, need to be able to do to address it.

When I think about the array of global climate – of global threats – think about this: terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – all challenges that know no borders – the reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them.

97 percent of climate scientists have confirmed that climate change is happening and that human activity is responsible. These scientists agree on the causes of these changes and they agree on the potential effects. They agree that the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide contributes heavily to climate change. They agree that the energy sources that we’ve relied on for decades to fuel our cars and to heat our homes or to air condition our homes, to – all the things that provide us electricity like oil and coal – that these are largely responsible for sending those greenhouse gases up into the atmosphere. And the scientists agree that emissions coming from deforestation and from agriculture can also send enormous quantities of carbon pollution into our atmosphere.

And they agree that, if we continue to go down the same path that we are going down today, the world as we know it will change – and it will change dramatically for the worse.

But imagine if the 97 percent of those scientists are correct and the people who say no are wrong. Then the people who say no will have presented us with one of the most catastrophic, grave threats in the history of human life. That’s the choice here.

I have to tell you, this is really not a normal kind of difference of opinion between people. Sometimes you can have a reasonable argument and a reasonable disagreement over an opinion you may have. This is not opinion. This is about facts. This is about science. The science is unequivocal. And those who refuse to believe it are simply burying their heads in the sand.

Now, President and I – Obama and I believe very deeply that we do not have time for a meeting anywhere of the Flat Earth Society.

Well, apparently anyone of us who takes issue with Mr. Kerry or the president is a “Flat Earther”. Yet here are some quotes from real scientists, not politicians who want to control your income so they can control your lives, say about CO2 levels:

Dr. Nasif Nahle, founder of Biology Cabinet, an institution based in San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexico whose objective is to publish updated information on biology and scientific topics of interest concluded the following in his paper Total Emissivity of Carbon Dioxide and Its Effect on Tropospheric Temperature:


Carbon dioxide does not contribute appreciably with the greenhouse effect. (Emphasis added)  The contribution of carbon dioxide to the current anomaly of temperature at its current concentration in the atmosphere is really insignificant.

The failure of carbon dioxide for causing a large change of temperature in the atmosphere obeys to its intrinsic physical properties, not to negative feedbacks triggered by other more efficient greenhouse gases in the air than carbon dioxide, i.e. water vapor, methane, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

The calculations on this investigation show that the total emissivity of carbon dioxide decreases as the density of the gas in the atmosphere increases, so we should expect that at higher concentrations in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide could act as a coolant of the atmosphere and the surface of the Earth as long as the energy emitted by the surface does not increase. If the latter happens, the total emissivity of carbon dioxide would increase, so its contribution to the greenhouse effect would increase.

The inversely proportional correlation between the total emissivity of carbon dioxide and its density in the atmosphere may obey to an increase of more available microstates toward which the energy emitted by the surface and other internal systems in the atmosphere is transferred by radiation.

Carbon dioxide emitted by human activity cannot be the cause of climate change as it is incapable physically of causing a significant anomaly of the atmospheric temperature.

Any assertion—involving the physics of radiative heat transfer—that carbon dioxide is a causative agent of climate change, is a deliberate pseudoscientific misrepresentation. (Emphasis added) 

The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, which was created to disseminate factual reports and sound commentary on new developments in the world-wide scientific quest to determine the climatic and biological consequences of the ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 content stated the following:

There is little doubt the air’s CO2 concentration has risen significantly since the inception of the Industrial Revolution; and there are few who do not attribute the CO2 increase to the increase in humanity’s use of fossil fuels. There is also little doubt the earth has warmed slightly over the same period; but there is no compelling reason to believe that the rise in temperature was caused by the rise in CO2. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that future increases in the air’s CO2 content will produce any global warming; for there are numerous problems with the popular hypothesis that links the two phenomena.

A weak short-term correlation between CO2 and temperature proves nothing about causation. Proponents of the notion that increases in the air’s CO2 content lead to global warming point to the past century’s weak correlation between atmospheric CO2 concentration and global air temperature as proof of their contention. However, they typically gloss over the fact that correlation does not imply causation, and that a hundred years is not enough time to establish the validity of such a relationship when it comes to earth’s temperature history.

These are just two of numerous studies that point out that carbon dioxide levels are not the cause of global warming. So, do you trust, scientists or politicians? Trust the politicians because we, the people, are obviously too stupid to lead our own lives without them telling us what to do.


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