The Global Warming Game

The global warming crowd’s charge had been that the world would warm to the point that we would experience life-ending, out of control temperatures, similar to the atmosphere of Venus.  This runaway temperature rise would be caused by people using hydrocarbon fuels that would release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which would trigger the temperature rise.

As time passed, it became evident that while the amount of carbon dioxide in the air had increased, weather station readings did not support the rise in temperature.  If the carbon dioxide levels rose but the average temperatures remain steady, then the global warmers could not logically claim a cause and effect relationship between CO2 and temperature.

If the global warmers were honest scientists and concerned citizens, they would have acknowledged that their assumption of the effects of carbon dioxide on temperatures was wrong and they would have dropped the demand that use of hydrocarbon fuels be curtailed.  However, they did not do this.

Global warmers have morphed into climate changers.  They still call for the control of hydrocarbons because global climate patterns are changing.  Yes, there is evidence that these patterns may be changing, although there is not nearly enough years of data to support that this is a permanent change yet.  Some climatologists have said that the current west coast drought is actually caused by cooling ocean temperatures in the eastern Pacific Ocean.  Cooler water cools the air over the ocean.  Cool air holds less water than warm air (think a muggy summer day versus a dry, staticy winter day).  When this cooler air reaches the west coast, there is not as much rain as when the ocean was warmer.

Why then do the climate changers still demand control of our coal, gas and oil use?  If these fuels do not directly raise global temperatures, the people should be free to use them.  The answer is to control our lives.  The original scientists who asserted that we have a problem have been replaced by governments and government-backed media.  They gin up the problem and then step in to control us by enforcing limitations on us for the sake of our welfare.

We should be like lions, fighting for our right to live as we please.  Instead, we are like sheep with the government leading us to its sacrificial altar for the sake of our own good.

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