Dear Senator Schumer

Dear Senator Schumer:

I request that you agree to fund President Trump’s proposed border wall.  The United States is a nation of laws.  Entering the country without adhering to the legal requirements is a crime.  Our nation has the right to determine who may enter our country and under what conditions.  Deliberately violating the laws that were passed by the Congress should not be permitted.  A border wall is a key component to deterring criminal entry into our country.

It is not lost on the citizens of the United States that you and the Democratic Party supported a border wall and curtailment of illegal entry when it was politically favorable to do so.  Now, because the wall is advocated by a Republican president, you and your party are opposed to it.  We, the people, see the Democratic Party as working for its self-interests and not working for the American people.  The media may tell you that shutting down the government is being blamed on the Republicans by the people but I will tell you do not believe what they report.  We see this for the politics that it is and we hold the Democrats responsible.

Support the wall and end the shutdown.  Work on behalf of the American people and not on behalf of your party.



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