House R.E.I.N.S in Obama

The House of Representatives is voting today to reassert its authority over the legislative process.

H.R. 10, R.E.I.N.S., which stands for Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny, is the Republicans’ attempt to limit the president’s practice of ruling by administrative fiat. Under the REINS bill, all major regulations would require the consent of both the House and the Senate before the executive branch could implement its provisions.

As the bill’s summary states “Over time, Congress has excessively delegated its constitutional charge while failing to conduct appropriate oversight and retain accountability for the content of the laws it passes.” Over the past year, the executive branch has imposed 100 major rules with compliance costs that exceed $100 million each. This administration’s propensity to govern by executive order has stripped Congress of the legislative powers authorized to it by Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution.

Under our federal system, the executive branch is responsible for administering the laws that the legislative branch passes. However, when the executive branch imposes regulations on the people and businesses, it is taking on the duties of our congressmen and senators. By imposing rules that Congress has not voted on, the president is effectively taking away the people’s right to provide input to their elected representatives. Governing by regulation has been a long standing problem throughout America’s history. However, the Obama administration has raised this to a new height, implementing more executive orders and regulations than any other administration in American history.

The House bill, introduced by Rep. Geoff Davis, R-KY, has a corresponding Senate bill, S.299 that is sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul R-KY. That bill has not been scheduled for a vote and likely will not be under the Democrat-led rule of Sen. Harry Reid.

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