An Opportunity For The Republicans

There is an opportunity for the Republicans to hammer home the need for ending Obamacare in order to save our health care system.  It requires them to do something that the Democrats are experts at; shameless exploiting a suffering person.

Little Charlie Gard is a victim of Britain’s single-payer health care system.  His medical condition is beyond what their government-run system is will to pay for and beyond their technology, so the hospital board has decided that Little Charlie should die.

In the British single-payer medical system there is no competition.  The greatest incentive to innovate is pressure from competitors, who will try to provide a better service than you can provide, in order to take your clients away from you.  But in a single-payer system, the people are captive clients.  There are no other choices to go to, so when their doctors say they will not treat you any longer, you will have to die.

President Obama had said as much to a lady in a town hall meeting on health care when he told her that in a government-run American health care system, her one hundred year old mother would not be given any other treatment in order to give that care to a younger person.  Obama told you what the government would do to you, if they ran medical care.  They would let you die if they thought someone else needed the medical care more than you.

Fortunately, our American medical system greatly benefits from free market innovation.  We have a myriad of hospitals, doctors and researchers who constantly find new treatments and cures for even the most dire diseases.  One of these innovative treatments may help Little Charlie and the American hospital is ready to treat him.

Here is where the Republicans have to act like Democrats.  They need to hold up the dying Little Charlie and say that the state run single-payer medical care system is willing to let Little Charlie die but the free market American  medical system can treat little Charlie.  If your child was dying, would you want him to be treated by the British single-payer system or the American competitive free market system?

If Obamacare is allowed to continue, our medical insurance system will wither and die.  Already, there are states where large sections have only one insurance choice and if Obamacare is allowed to continue, parts of the country may have no insurance coverage at all!  Look at this map from CMS that shows large parts of the country with only one insurer.

Counties with only one insurance carrier in 2017. (Unshaded counties have at least two.)

                                                                                                                              Humana  Anthem  Other         More than one insurer

Map of health insurance coverage by county

Note: Two carriers have announced that they will exit the Iowa market in 2018, which will leave all but four counties there with only one carrier, unless another insurer enters the market.

Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation analysis of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and insurance filing data.

What happens to American medical care when there are no more health insurance companies?  Most medical care is too expensive for the average person to pay out of pocket.  That is why health insurance companies exist but if they are gone, who pays for your medical care?  The anger is the federal government which would be forced to take over your medical care.  Health care would be run and paid for by the government.  That is government-run single-payer health care.  That is who is treating Little Charlie.  That is who would let the woman’s hundred year old mother die.  That is who would treat you…maybe, if they think you are worth it.

So Republicans, act like Democrats.  Hold up Little Charlie and tell the American people that if Obamacare is not repealed, this is what could happen to your child.  This is what could happen to you.

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