Employers – Fire Them Now!

President Obama has just realized for the first time that the conditions of his Affordable Health Care Act, AKA Obamacare, are a burden to businesses. Now, as we all know, the purpose of a business is to make money for its owners. It does this by minimizing the cost of doing business while trying to get the maximum income. The profit is what is left over when you subtract the expenses from the income.

Businesses will do what is necessary to reduce their costs. Look at the recent Senate hearings where the CEO of Apple was hauled before Congress to explain why his company used the existing tax laws to minimize Apple’s tax bill. The senators did not like that Apple used the law to pay less than what they thought was “fair”.

Now look at Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act is not affordable to businesses. It requires companies to provide health insurance to its full time (defined by the government as more than thirty hours a week. Another new Obama reality. Full time used to be forty hours.) employees or pay a hefty fine. Business’ end run around this law was to start reducing its employees’ work hours to thirty or less. If they aren’t full time, the company is not incurring this new, mandated expense. Pretty smart, aren’t they?

Obama has now realized that the consequence of his Affordable Care (remember Pelosi saying we won’t know what is in the bill until we pass it?) is that companies, particularly small businesses, cannot afford to incur the cost of providing health care and remain competitive in a very weak economy. If the employees are working part time, the companies do not pay for new health insurance coverage that they did not provide before the law was enacted and the workers have to pick it up themselves.

This provision of the law goes into effect in January 2014 and Obama cannot afford to have businesses massively laying off people or cutting back on their hours in an election year because of a solely-Democratic Party law. Remember, not a single Republican in the House or Senate voted for Obamacare.

Obama’s solution? Delay the implementation of the employer-mandated coverage until after the election.

This law is onerous to the American people and the economy. Any law that requires the hiring of sixty thousand new IRS agents to enforce compliance is not good for the people. American business should start reducing workers’ hours now in protest to this burdensome legislation.

Don’t give the president and the Democrats a bye on their responsibility for causing this mess until after the election. Let them pay for their actions now.

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