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There has been a recent news story about a nanny who refused to leave her employer’s house after she was fired. The California homeowners were told that since she was in the house she had tenant rights and could not be evicted without court hearings and all due process rights. She is in the homeowners’ house illegally but they can’t get rid of her. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

How much different is these homeowners’ problem than the problem that we have with illegal immigrants? We, the American people, are also dealing with people who shouldn’t be here, have rights that we gave to them and now, like our homeowners, cannot get rid of.

Illegal immigrants, like our squatter nanny, are a difficult problem to deal with. The people’s problem is compounded by feckless politicians who refuse to address any problems and an administration that not only refuses to effectuate remedies but actually abets the illegals. Here are our recommendations for addressing the illegal immigrant problem.

Close the border: Every decade or so illegal immigration reaches a crisis point. After much anguishing, Congress and the administration in power finally agree to some sort of amnesty. No longer illegal, the count of “undocumented immigrants” drops and the problem is “resolved” for a while. The problem of illegal aliens never goes away because we do not turn them back at the border. Their number constantly grows and we once again face the problem.

The first step to resolving the illegal migration problem is to stop it. We call for the military to seal the border and we are not talking about the National Guard. Now that President Obama has declared victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, he should repurpose the regular army to apprehend everyone crossing the border illegally. Once apprehended, the illegal should be immediately transported to an armed, guarded checkpoint at the border and marched back across the line. It does not matter if the person is not from Mexico. They came across the Mexican border; it is that country’s problem to deal with them. We are just returning the person to them.

Finish the fence: everyone knows that the border leaks people like water through a sieve. The authority to build a fence was passed into law during President Bush’s administration. As soon as the Democrats assumed control of the House, they cancelled the funding to pay for it. There has been partial funding and slow progress to complete it but it still isn’t done. Rather than put it out for bid once more and wrangle over costs, let’s have the military finish it up. We train enough engineers for the army. Put all that manpower to work and have them effectively seal up the border.

Review our immigration policies: People come here illegally because they cannot get here legally. Although the formula is complicated, we allow about 675,000 people to legally migrate here each year. There is no allocation for a country; rather it is a combination of family-sponsored and employment-based visas. Illegal immigration numbers over 500,000 people per year with more than 80 percent coming from Latin America.the American people should be discussing whether our legal immigrant quota is reasonable both to address the needs of the people who want to come here and what is needed to meet our economic needs with the skillsets that the immigrant can provide. If 675,000 visas are too small a number to prevent illegal immigration, perhaps we as a nation should look to increase that number. Having immigrants here legally is a cost saver. Legal immigrants do not work off the books, they pay taxes and the government does not have to spend money for their apprehension and deportation. Their contributions outweigh social program costs to government budgets.

Decide how to handle the illegals that are already here: Illegal aliens are criminals simply by the fact that they broke our laws to come here. Having said that what do you do with an illegal alien who has lived here peacefully for ten years…for twenty years…for thirty years? We are a moral people who do not seek to harm our neighbors. Do we deport someone who has made a life in America, raised a family, contributed to our society, thinks himself to be an American in his heart if not on paper? No, of course not; these people are part of our society. Any immigrant who has been law abiding and productive, who has established himself by dint of successfully assimilating himself for a long duration in this country should be given permanent residence status and the opportunity for citizenship. It will be part of the national discussion to decide how many years here would qualify a person to be given legal residency. Each case will need to be decided individually. Of course, any illegal alien who has committed crimes in America should be immediately deported. That person has already served notice on society that he is unfit to live here.

There are a myriad of issues that accompany this problem. Chief among them are politicians from both parties who kick the can down the road and fail to fix the problem. Americans join groups such as the Tea Party because they know that our government has failed the people. Hold your elected representative accountable. Demand that the flow of illegal immigration be stopped and decisions are made on how to handle the people who are here. Remember to be compassionate to these people. Remember also that we have the right to say who can immigrate to this country and under what conditions. It is our United States, not the politicians, not the illegals. It is ours, the American people.

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