A New Hope For America

The long national nightmare has come to an end.  Eight years of Barack Obama’s socialist agenda is over.  Now, President Trump moves to repair the damage done by his predecessor’s determination to have the people live under the control of the government.

Obama’s staked his presidency on transforming America to a state-run society.  The national government would direct the economy; control health care; force churches to obey government directives.  The results are 47 million people on food stamps; nearly 100 million working-age men and women without jobs; 43 million people in poverty.

Overseas, Russia is rising; China steals our technology; ISIS and islamic terrorists are determined to end Christianity and Western democracy and law.  It had been Obama’s policy to effectively cripple energy production in the United States, in the name of climate change.  Business has been stultified by the crushing burden of regulations imposed not by the just deliberation of Congress but by executive orders.  The last time such a state-directed economy was imposed on a people, it was by the Communist Party of the old Soviet Union.  That system collapsed under its own bureaucracy and yet, despite its glaring example in history, Obama tried to lead America down that same path.

The American people repudiated him.  Obama told the people that to elect Clinton was to reaffirm that what he had done was right for the country and to continue his legacy…but America knew better.  Americans live best under freedom of action, freedom of choice.  We believe in entrepreneurship and vigorous economic growth as the path to individual success and happiness.

Now, it has fallen to Donald Trump to bring our government back to proper path.  It is what he campaigned on and why the American people elected him.  May God bless him in his task.

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