This administration had no problem bathing the White House in rainbow colored lights on June 26th when it presided over of the death of traditional marriage.  But Red, White and Blue for Independence Day?  HELL NO!


Last night not a patriotic light shown on our White House.  The administration’s website, White ran a daytime loop of its “live” webcam of the exterior of the White House.  Searching the web last night, any D.C. webcams that pointed in the White House’s direction came back with the message “image not available.

On the Fourth of July, the government’s Events page said “There are No Events Scheduled”.

President Obama loves his country…just not the one that we live in.  He loves the America that he wants us to live in.  The peoples’ celebration of independence and freedom from oppressive government is not something that he wants to share in.

Next year we vote for another president.  Are you ready for four more years of this or do you want to take your country back?  Your choice.

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