Because We Love Our Children

What is more important to you, your child’s life or a home in America for a refugee?

In Europe the governments have been letting refugees settle there in great numbers.  Most are peaceful but they do not adopt their host country’s culture well.  In France there are whole communities where the police will not go because they are not safe.  Well folks, if the police are not safe then can an average citizen be safe?

The answer is no.

Today we have once again seen mass murder of the innocent citizen, carried out by muslim refugees, who do not assimilate into their new homes and feel that their old culture and old religion gives them the right to kill the people who have taken them in, fed them, clothed them and schooled them.

In America, our president wants to bring in hundreds of thousands of muslim refugees.  Well, we have seen what they do in the other civilized nations that take them in.  We are not cruel or hard hearted but there is not sure fire way to tell a terrorist from an innocent refugee.  So do we take in people who may turn around and kill us or do we leave the innocent back in their collapsed countries to suffer?  It is not a hard choice if you want your child to live.

This is your child.  Do you want to see this?

children playing

Or this?

brussels attack

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