D-Day Disgrace

For the 70th anniversary of D-Day, we have a gum-popping leader of the free world.

Our beloved president, Barak Obama, stood through the D-Day memorial services chomping on gum for all the world to see.  You would normally think that this would be highly disrespectful but consider the source.  This is the same chief executive that mugged for the camera, snapping selfies during the services for the world-wide respected leader, Nelson Mandela.  So you should not be surprised how he acted during the solemn celebration of the sacrifices of brave men who took back our freedom from the jaws of despotism.  After all, they were just a bunch of imperialists without respect for the minorities of their own countries.  Never mind that the present day equality of all people in western nations is a direct result of these brave men’s actions, Obama doesn’t think them worthy of respect.  Then again, Obama has already proven that he is no leader.  He just wants the fame and the perks.

Good job at the polls America!  Next time, maybe you’ll take some time to evaluate your candidates, rather than voting for somebody because it was the cool thing to do.

Gum Chewer-in-Chief

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