Death to ISIS

Here is what President Obama should have said on Tuesday, August 19th, after American journalist James Foley was brutally beheaded by ISIS murderers:

You are murderers. You are enemies of the American people. We will hunt you down and kill you. It does not matter what country you are in. We are coming after you. Any foreign government forces that stand in our way will be destroyed, so we can get to you. You will receive no further warning.

Unfortunately, Barak Obama is president. He did not say those words. Rather, he said that he has no strategy for dealing with ISIS. His spokesmen referred to them as the “junior varsity”, a term that better fits the foreign policy of this administration.

Tonight, Mr. Obama will tell the nation what his suddenly-developed, new strategy for dealing with ISIS will be. He will undoubtedly talk tough but his restrictive Rules of Engagement that he has imposed on our fiercely effective military in Afghanistan will most likely be the order of the day when dealing with this gang of thugs. Throughout the service, our men and women are probably rolling their eyes at the thought of starting another military mission with their hands tied behind their backs.

It is interesting to observe that Obama’s address on ISIS, which has been a threat known to the president for over a year, happens on September 10th. Is he talking tough now because he expects a problem tomorrow? We will see. Meanwhile, if I were a Muslim terrorist, I would attack America somehow on September 11th, just to spit in his eye and express the contempt felt toward him.

As you sow, so shall you reap. We are reaping the fruits of sowing the liberals and this president into office. I mourn for the American people, who will suffer from his failure of will. We will suffer, but perhaps we deserve to, because we placed them there.

Your actions have consequences. The ISIS threat is one of them. Remember that at the ballot box in November.

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