Destroy the Democrats Now! – Part II

The attacks on President Trump have gone beyond political opposition.  These attacks are meant to bring down the lawfully elected government of the United States.  Pelosi and Schumer’s demands that the attorney general resign because, as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, he spoke to the Russian ambassador, is an attempt to oust a key member of the president’s cabinet.  This is not just political posturing, it is an attempt at a coup d’état.

There is only one way to prevent this.  The Democratic Party must be destroyed.

The First action that the president must take is to double down on the Democrats’ charges.  If the Democrats believe that the Russians hacked the elections, then Trump must agree to investigate Russian interference on behalf of the Republicans AND THE DEMOCRATS!

Trump needs to tell the Dems that okay, you want an investigation, WE are looking at YOU!

Trump should tell the nation that since his administration’s investigation into election crimes will be wide ranging, it is properly done by the Justice Department and not a special prosecutor; that he orders Attorney General Sessions to conduct it and that all prior agreements to recuse any member of his administration are withdrawn.

At the same time, the investigation into election malfeasance should branch into the DNC and Clinton campaign’s collusion to deny Bernie Sanders supporters their due vote.  Election manipulation is generally considered a crime and charges should be pursued.  Have the AG prosecute some second-level DNC and Clinton people and they will roll on their bosses.  Make it plain that the goal is to arrest and prosecute EVERY person who was involved in election rigging.

Branch the investigation out to Clinton’s emails.  What did Loretta Lynch talk to Bill Clinton about?  What influence did Hillary sell to foreign nations?  Prosecute them if they violated the law.

The only way we are going to save our president is to destroy the people who are attacking him.


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2 Comments to “Destroy the Democrats Now! – Part II”

  1. peter dobronatz
    Posted September 19, 2018 at 12:05 AM | Permalink


  2. beast
    Posted December 16, 2018 at 11:24 AM | Permalink

    What the idiots and cowards fear the most is getting bloody stomped. That implied violence, ‘coming to you,’ is how the cowards control the idiots in the first place. It needs to be turned against them in a brutal spectacle. Did we forget who ‘occupy wall street’ was: a contrived bunch of SorosObama crap. Stomp them! Do it sooner than later too because they think we’re softies.

    If they intend to harass the president endlessly, SOME bunch of rebels have to crush these dirty commie ambitions, because we can see most of American males are not up for it. Violence is what the commies understand and the rest fear the most. Sorry, it has come to this neighbors, but you need to smell some blood.

    Reality is no longer shaped and formulated by your six major media groups. We’ll find those corporate headquarters and burn down the entire city for good measure if you even try to impeach or impede this POTUS. Bank on it assholes! These are our bonifide enemies and they can only hope we’ll not rise up and slaughter them all before their next fascist move. Just the most incremental thing today accumulates tomorrow. Don’t put up with it any longer. Boycott their products, advertisers, and tax authorities.

    Little fascist men and women want to take our means of self defense…..people you have been too quiet about this corruption!!! Now instead, they feel entitled to meddle with and destroy whatever bit of American culture they pick. That cannot be allowed!

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