Destroy The Democrats Now!

It is clear that the Democrats intend to bring down President Trump.  They are attacking along the edges in hopes of finding something that they can use to get Trump impeached or to resign.  If they bring him down, the Republicans will be too cowed to do anything to unravel the government’s chokehold on society.  The Democrats will be in the position to regain Congress and the presidency in the next election and everything will go back to the way it was.

Folks, Americans so not want this.  It was Donald Trump’s direct statements that he would end government control of society and return the people’s freedom to them that brought him to power.  The Democrats cannot stand this and they believe it must end.  They are willing to bring down a duly elected government to get back in power.

What do we do to stop them?

It is time for the Democratic Party to be destroyed.

It is time for the Justice Department to scrutinize the leaders of the Democratic Party and prosecute every instance of criminal activity they find.  You cannot amass power without selling influence to willing buyers.  Whenever a Democrat crosses the line into illegal behavior, they should be jailed.

Consider Chuck Schumer.  Schumer has been on the banking committee and finance committees.  Yet his top donors by category are lawyers, securities and investment firms, real estate and insurance companies.  Leading donors are Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street investment firm, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse and Paul, Weiss, an international law firm.  How did his committee activities benefit these firms?  Was any of his activities illegal?  The serious of the allegation demands investigation.

What about Hillary Clinton’s private server?  Clinton used a private computer system because emails that go through the government’s systems are subject to security audits, even at the highest level.  What influence did Clinton sell to international bad actors that harmed the United States?  Could the information she passed have violated the espionage act?  Did she commit treason?  The seriousness of the allegations against her demand investigation.

How did Barack Obama illegally benefit from the presidency?  How did a community organizer and junior back-bench senator parlay his lack of experience into multi-million dollar wealth on the presidency’s $400,000 a year salary.  Remember when Obama told the Russian ambassador to relay to Putin to be patience because he would have more leeway after his reelection in 2012?  What was the quid pro quo?  What type of payoff did the Russians give Obama in return for his pledge of cooperation?  The seriousness of the allegation against Obama demands investigation.

The Trump administration needs to investigate illegal activities by Democrats at all levels.  Start looking into Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama.  Each week look into another Democrat.  What about Michael Bennett, Chris Van Hollen, Evan Bayh, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray?  Could any of their actions be considered unethical or illegal?  The people demand answers.  Only once the nest of democrat vipers are cleaned out will our democracy be safe.


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