Giuliani for Deputy Attorney General

President Trump is making a mistake with his outbursts against Attorney General Sessions.

Sessions was a longtime senator who was well liked by his colleagues and Trump does not have a great relationship with either house of Congress.  Trump can afford to irritate the House of Representatives somewhat.  Paul Ryan has a sizable majority, so he can afford to lose a few members on votes that the Republicans support.  But the Republican leads the Senate by only four votes, 52 to 48.  That means, with Vice President Pence voting with the Republicans, they lose the vote if three or more republicans side with the Democrats.

Rather than aggravate the Senate Republicans by picking on Jeff Sessions, or firing him, Trump has an opportunity to strengthen his hand and deal a blow to the Democrats…appoint Rudy Giuliani as Deputy Attorney General.

If Giuliani became the deputy AG, he would have the authority to fire the special counsel Robert Muller.  That would eliminate all of the Democrat-supporting lawyers that Muller has been hiring to investigate Trump.  Rudy Giuliani could then take over the investigation, since he has not been previously involved in the investigation and he would be free to reopen the investigation of the Clintons.

We know that Hillary Clinton committed crimes by keeping classified information on her home server.  Former Attorney General Comey acknowledged as much when he held his press conference on his investigation of Hillary last July.  At that time, Comey outlined, in detail, Clinton’s crimes and then said that he was dropping the case because “no reasonable prosecutor would pursue the case”.

There are plenty of grounds to reopen the Clinton investigation.  Never pursued by either the Obama administration’s Justice Department or the current special counsel Muller, is the Clinton campaign’s involvement with the Russians.  Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, had his emails hacked.  Podesta’s brother is a registered representative of the Russian government.  Also, crimes were committed by Clinton’s campaign in their manipulation of the primary votes against Senator Bernie Sanders, when his candidacy threatened to beat out Hillary for the Democratic presidential nomination.

As Deputy Attorney General, Rudy Giuliani would be free to investigate Clinton and the Democrat’s criminal activities while also putting to bed the baseless Russian collusion charges against Trump.  The biggest stumbling block would be convincing Giuliani to take the number 2 spot at Justice.  Trump could do it though.  All Trump would need to do is to point out to Rudy that if he led the investigation that cleaned up the Democrat criminal cover up, he would be the most popular Republican in America.  That would position him well for a run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2020 or 2024 and Giuliani is hungry enough to want that.  Meanwhile, Sessions, who is a loyal Trump support, would be secure in his position of AG, the Senate would be appeased that one of their former members was not abused by the outsider Trump and the Democrats would be struck a damaging blow.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


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