It’s Time To Profile

This weekend, IEDs exploded in Seaside, New Jersey and the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.  Another unexploded IED was found nearby.  At the same time, in Minnesota, a man walking in a mall asked shoppers if they were muslims.  If they answered no, he stabbed them, injuring nine people.  ISIS said they were responsible for the attack.  New York City mayor Bill de Blasio said “the incidents” were not terrorism.

No Bill, they were just bombs put on the streets by muslim men, with the intention of killing New Yorkers, as they walked by.  The New Jersey terrorist was trying to kill military veterans at a race supporting Marines.  Barack Obama said these attacks were not terrorism.  They were “lone wolves” who got together to carry them out.  Mister President, a “lone wolf” is a terrorist, who attacks people, on his own, without the support of other terrorists.  By definition, they work alone, which is why they are “lone wolves”, so how do single, unconnected terrorists get together, if they work without the knowledge of other terrorists?  No Barack, these attacks are concerted acts of terrorism.  Maybe the muslim terrorists put classified ads in the paper

Single, lonely lone wolf muslim terrorist seeks other muslim lone wolf terrorists for murder, mayhem and jihad.  Must believe that all Westerners are the devil and must die.  Prefer someone who has already killed Christians and Jews.

Hillary Clinton told the press that she spoke to New York City officials to get the latest information on “the bombings”.  Then she blasted Donald Trump because he rightly called these explosions bombs.  He is inciting people when he says bombs but it is just factual when she refers them to bombings.

President Obama, his administration, Hillary Clinton and the liberals of all occupations and persuasions will not acknowledge that we are being attacked by muslim extremists.  Leon Trotsky once said “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”  That is where we are.  George Bush recognized that it was muslim terrorists who were our enemy and went after them.  His first action after 911 was to attack and bring down the Taliban government in Afghanistan because it supported and funded the terrorists who attacked us.  Eight years later we elected a president who is a sympathizer of islam and will not acknowledge that it is the source of attacks on the people, who he swore an oath to protect and defend.  He governs us weakly and without conviction.  Otherwise, Obama would have finished the job that George Bush started of wiping out these terrorists.

Now another election is coming and once again, the Democratic Party nominee is afraid to defend us.  Hillary Clinton will just continue Obama’s ostrich-like policies of keeping her head in the sand, while denying that islam has anything to do with attacks.

With Donald Trump, we will have a president who knows who is carrying out these atrocities and go after them.

Not all muslims are terrorists but almost all terrorists are muslims.  You don’t have radicalized Christians killing people while screaming “Jesus is Lord!”  We know who is attacking us, yet we go out of our way to not name them, so the world can think we are “good people”.  Well folks, the world does not think we are good people.  They think we are stupid people for denying the truth so we do not “offend” anyone.

It is time to profile young muslim men when we go after terrorists.  Why?  Because young muslim men are almost always the terrorists.  How many stories have you heard about TSA agents pulling the 90 year old lady using a walker for advanced screening at the airport, so we cannot be considered “unfair” to muslims?  Use your brains America!  The old lady is not going to kill you but maybe the dozen single muslim men with no luggage, getting on your plane, are a threat!

Profiling is what advertisers do.  Football games carry beer commercials because they know that men drink beer while watching the game.  Department stores advertise jewelry in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day because they know women get them as gifts.  Little old ladies get frisked by the police because they are known killers.  No?  Then target the people who are doing the killing.  And if profiling offends innocent muslims, tell them to turn on their radical fellow believers and purge them from their religion.  Until terrorism is eliminated from islam, the innocent muslims will suffer for the actions of their brothers.

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