Obama’s Sandy Cover-up

Hurricane Sandy destroyed vast swatches of the New Jersey and New York coastline.  Houses along the Jersey shore, the Rockaways and Staten Island have been pancaked flat or washed into the ocean.  Yet the death toll reported in New York is only forty people.   But is this the truth?

The American-Conservative has learned that the New York state government secretly estimates the Staten Island and Queens death toll to be significantly higher.  A death count in the hundreds is likely with one estimate being as many as 600 dead.  An exact count may never be known because many victims were washed out into the ocean and their bodies may never be recovered.  A count  cannot be firmed up until city and state workers can get into the ravaged areas, determine how many houses are actually destroyed and account for their occupants.

Earlier today, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani lambasted the federal government and FEMA for failing to respond adequately to the disaster.  Giuliani said that the government had enough warning time but did not stockpile generators and relief supplies in anticipation of the storm’s impact on the population.  Giuliani is quoted as saying that FEMA’s response to Sandy is as bad as their response to Katrina.

Could this be a cover-up of Obama’s failure to proactively prepare to aid New Yorkers and New Jerseyans?  The American-Conservative’s believes that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo knows of the estimated casualty count.  President Obama publicly made it clear that the states’ governors could call him directly with requests for any support that they may need.  It would be incongruous to believe that Governor Cuomo kept the death toll estimate a secret from the president.  Still, as Mayor Giuliani said, the actual supplies that are needed to assist the victims have not materialized.

Is the count of the dead in New York being suppressed so voters cannot once again ask if the Obama administration failed to aid Americans when help was needed?  Does this not sound like the news reports of Obama’s failure to act when the terrorists killed our people in Benghazi?  This all points to a man who likes to be called Mister President but does not like to do the actual job.   Remember that tomorrow.

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