This week President Obama ordered an additional 150 border agents sent to the Rio Grande valley area in Texas, as the number of illegal aliens crossing into this area soared to over 46,000 in the month of October alone!

Let’s put this into perspective.  46,000 is the entire population of Binghamton New York or Providence Rhode Island or Coral Gables Florida or Olympia Washington or Altoona Pennsylvania or San Luis Obispo California or, shall I go on?  A horde of aliens, coming into this country illegally, in just one section of the country, in one month, with a population equal to a medium size city.  A whole city’s worth of people, crossing in one area, in one month.  This number doesn’t even count the illegals crossing our borders in other parts of our country.

The media quotes a number of 11 million illegal aliens currently living in America.  I can tell you, as a former senior federal manager, whose work reviewed these numbers, that ten years ago we were estimating 20 million illegals.  How much higher has that number grown in the succeeding ten years?  Is the number now closer to 30 million?  It is not an unreasonable assumption.

President-elect Trump has said that he would have aliens who have committed crimes deported.  This number is estimated to be between two and three million aliens, both illegals and those with some type of legal status.  Is this an unreasonable action?  Coming to the United States without approval is already a crime.  We should not be expected to let illegals who have committed crimes after they come here stay among us.  We are only asking to hurt ourselves.  Get the bad apples out of the country.  Staunch the hemorrhaging of our borders.  Then we can decide what to do with the law abiding aliens who live amongst us.

Meanwhile, until we get our borders under control, another city’s worth of people come here.  Another Harrisburg, another Galveston, another San Jacinto…

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