Pay For Play the Obama Way

Last month the American-Conservative speculated that FBI Director James Comey did not indict Hillary Clinton for her email scandal because to do so would lead to President Obama’s impeachment (read The Clinton Whitewash, July 5, 2016).  With the ‘finding’ of another 15,000 Hillary emails this week, will this lead to her downfall?  Why would these emails suddenly be found now and who benefits from their discovery?  The answer, as always in American politics, is follow the money.

The mainstream media has done its best to bury any stories about Hillary Clinton being either morally or physically unsuited to be the president of the United States.  Yet a continual stream of these stories is surfacing.  This week the FBI suddenly found 15,000 emails that they could not find before and Hillary shrugs it off with the reply “what’s a few more”.  Now, there are reports that some of these emails are instructions to her staff to look into Parkinson’s drugs.  This would be consistent with the reports and video clips of Clinton stumbling and looking obviously confused.  All of this information casts doubts on her physical capacity to serve as our nation’s leader.

Today, it was reported that of 154 personal meetings that Hillary held when she was Secretary of State, 86 of those meetings were with people who donated to the Clinton Foundation.  Fifty-six percent of the people who needed to meet with the Secretary of State paid her family business to do so.  Now that is how you do Pay for Play!

In June the Democratic Party convention was thrown into chaos when leaked emails showed that Clinton and party leaders conspired to deny Sanders the votes that he earned, in order to secure the nomination for Hillary.   The administration announced that these emails were hacked and released by the Russians, who roundly denied the accusation.  So who released them if not the Russians?  Who gains from these Chinese water torture leaks of Hillary Clinton’s ethical and physical weaknesses that are continually reminding the voters that she should not be elected president?  Again, follow the money.

As the American-Conservative pointed out in its article The Clinton Whitewash, Bill and Hillary went from being broke in 2001, when Bill left office to a net worth approaching $200 million now.  And what is their skillsets that make them so valuable?  It is not lucrative law careers.  No one goes to Clinton and Clinton for legal counsel.   No, the only thing of value that Bill and Hillary have is influence and information.  People pay to talk to the Clintons.  Just look at Hillary’s State Department calendar.  86 of 154 meetings with members of the public were, coincidentally, held with people who ‘donated’ to their private foundation.  What would the Clinton Foundation be worth if Hillary loses this election?  Their value to donors now is in the likelihood that Hillary will be the president and that is exponentially more value than her value was as Secretary of State.  But, if she loses…well, what influence and information can they peddle as a defeated candidate?   If she is defeated, the Democratic Party is not going to nominate her again in four years.  She will be 72 in the next election and if she is hiding a neurological illness, it will be much more noticeably pronounced four years later.  The value of the Clinton Foundation will drop to near zero if she is defeated.  They will just be two has-been politicians.  Nobody will pay half a million dollars to hear them speak.

Who fills the void?  Follow the money.

It is no secret that Barack Obama hates Hillary and Bill Clinton.  They tried mightily to squash him in 2008 and he is known to hold a grudge.  The American-Conservative had speculated that Hillary’s State Department post was a quid pro quo for the Clinton’s support for Obama’s presidential run.  Hillary’s use of her private email server was for the purpose of passing information without having to go through federal government email security audits.  Coincidental to her tenure as Secretary of State, Bill and Hillary earned $138 million.  Obama sees this and looks at his relatively paltry $400,000 salary as president and wants to know how to pay the estimated $16,000 monthly rent on his post-White House home.  He wants to cash in, now that his time as president is over.

It is within reason that all of these Clinton leaks are being orchestrated by the White House.  Obama does not like Clinton and he benefits if she loses the election.  Who would want to go to Bill and Hillary for favors and influence if she isn’t president?  Who would be the man with the current contacts and influence?  Obama sinks Clinton’s run.  He gets his sweet revenge on Bill and Hillary.  He is enough of a narcissist to not care if the next president is not a Democrat, if the president isn’t him.  And Obama becomes the go to guy, the man with the influence and information.  Of course, you will have to donate to the soon-to-be created Obama Foundation.  After all, you have to pay to play the Obama way.

Follow the money.

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