Perry’s Vaccination Order Vindicated

I like it when I hear the administration supporting the actions of a conservative Republican. 

Recall that it was only September when Texas Governor Rick Perry was being vilified by the press and the mainstream media for his executive order to have children vaccinated against the HPV virus.  Perry was made to appear dictatorial and heartless, not considerate of the child’s or parents’ rights when the media learned of his order.

Today, the Center for Disease Control, an arm of the administration, has come out in favor of the HPV vaccinations, not only for adolescent girls but also for boys.  This is a step beyond Governor Perry’s order that only applied to girls.  However, the CDC points out that boys are giving the virus to girls, so it is only logical to vaccinate them also, to prevent its spread.  The CDC further justifies the inoculations noting that the same HPV virus causes cancers of the mouth, neck and throat and that the number of these malignancies are rising quickly.

The CDC’s recommending committee, which voted 13-0 in favor of recommending vaccinations for boys age 11-12 also noted that Gardasil protects against the four strains of HPV that are the most common cause of anal cancer.  The American Cancer Society said that the rate of anal cancer has doubled since 1980.  However, we are sure that liberals doubt that this has anything to do with the decline in moral standards in America. 

In the wake of the administration’s support for Gov. Perry’s actions to safeguard the health of the children of Texas, we expect that President Obama will mimic Perry’s Flat Tax plan and will announce his own version of the Flat Tax next month. 

Just in time for the holidays, we speculate that an Obama Flat Tax plan would be a 90 percent tax rate on all income, with the first $250,000 excluded.  That way the administration gets to buy the votes of nearly every American, redistribute the wealth and ensure that the wealthiest among us pay their fair share.  The mainstream media will immediately hail this as an innovative and fair tax policy.  Harry Reid will call for a vote on the day it is announced, saying that Republican obstructionists are once again standing in the way of relief for middle class workers.  Nancy Pelosi will deride House Republicans for forcing the poor to eat their children in order to make ends meet. 

Such is the life of politics in America.  If you want sanity and civility to return to this country, vote out anyone who engages in hyperbolae.  You will know who they are when they open their mouths.  Reclaim you country next November. 


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