Respecting Donald Trump

“All great changes are irksome to the human mind, especially those which are attended with great dangers and uncertain effects.  No man living can foresee the consequences of such a measure.” … John Adams to James Warren, April 16, 1776.

We, the people, wait for Congress to lead.  It is the opinion of the majority of Americans that the prior administration led our country too far down a path, away from what we believe is America.  Mr. Obama and the Democrats strove to transform America into a different nation, one where the liberties of the individual have been supplanted by the regulation of the central government.  They swayed large numbers of our fellow citizens to abide by these new rules that encumber our freedoms by giving the people gifts, ostensibly from government, but, in actuality, paid for by the wages of working men and women.

Do you want a free phone?  Here it is from your government.  Do you want free food?  Here are food stamps and no, you no longer need to look for work, in order to qualify for them.  You had health insurance from your job?  Now it is gone because our onerous regulations made it impossible for the insurance providers to stay in business.  But do not worry, the government will give you Medicaid, which covers less than your private insurance, because the government does not want you to be without it, even when it is the cause for you losing your other plan.  Did you want a job?  Sorry, they are gone because government regulations drove them out of business.  Where then do you turn for your home, your next meal, your health?  The government becomes the provider of your life…and all it wants is your soul.

Left unchecked, government will devolve into tyranny.  The last administration imposed great burdens on our way of life, in order to control us.  The pity is that so many people have come to believe that only the central government can provide for them; that they are incapable of doing so on their own.

In came the man who knew better.  Donald J. Trump knew that given opportunity, Americans will strive to make the best for themselves.  He knew that if there were jobs, people would work to accumulate wealth for themselves and their families.  He understood that the road to individual prosperity was not from government handouts, which come with government conditions, but rather from the efforts of the individual to better himself.

Donald Trump recognized, however, that if opportunity did not exist, a person could not do better than what the government offered.  He campaigned on bringing opportunity back to Americans by removing the barriers and obstacles put in place by Obama and the Democrats.

Americans seized on his vision because they instinctively knew that more could be gained by their own effort than from what the government would deign to give them.  Look at the electoral map and see red over the entire country.  That Hillary Clinton won the majority of the electoral vote is a testament to the weakness of those states whose people are hopeless because their state governments have cruelly destroyed their chance for opportunity by their oppressive legislation and regulation.

So many young people have embraced the Obama and Democrat option of government obedience for government welfare.  They do so because they have grown up seeing their mothers and fathers without jobs because their government put blockades to businesses that prevented them from growing.  Why would any sane business hire Americans to build their products when its own government took more than one third of their income in taxes?  Why open a factory in America when the central government placed such difficult environmental roadblocks in the way that profitability could never be reached?  It is easier to unemploy an American and hire a Chinese worker than deal with our federal government.

And so, government dependence became the norm.  Millennials grew up not knowing what it was like to have a parent with a job and learned that government would give them the essentials of life.  They rebelled when Donald Trump said no, the way to economic security is through work.

Trump’s vision is to provide opportunity to Americans.  He recognizes that government itself is the barrier to jobs and individual wealth.  Liberals cannot compete with economic success, so they strive to derail him at every opportunity.  The constant negative media is designed to prevent his agenda from reaching Congress.  They have cowed the Republicans into doubting their leader and themselves.

But the American people know better.

Hillary Clinton lost the election because she had no ideas of her own other than to be four more years of Barak Obama.  Throughout the nation, the people recognized that the problem with our country was not a failure of society but a failure of government.  They took Donald Trump’s word to heart and elected him to plow the road of debilitating regulations, so they could go back to work.  For those who have swallowed the Obama lies, when they have jobs, created by Trump’s vision, they will realize that he is right and that the Democrats have nothing to offer us.

We are waiting for Congress to lead us.  Our vision of America is ahead of what the weak-willed Republicans are willing to do.  We wait for their stiffening spine and steely resolve; to tell Obama and the Democrats that their rhetoric and hatred masks their empty promises and they should get out of our way.

Cicero said that “The people’s good is the highest law.” We wait for the Republican leadership to learn this and boldly steer our country to prosperity.  The constant denigration of our president is a smokescreen to keep the government in control of our lives and it should not be tolerated.  It is time to stop the attacks on President Trump and begin working for Americans.

John Adams ended his letter to Warren with the following paragraph:

“There is one thing, my dear sir, that must be attempted and most sacredly observed or we are all undone.  There must be decency and respect, and veneration introduced for persons of authority of every rank, or we are undone.  In a popular government, this is our only way.”


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