Romney in 2012

The American-Conservative endorses Mitt Romney for president in 2012.

In the last election, Barak Obama promised hope and change for all Americans. Four years later, he has failed to bring us hope.

We are still stagnating in the effects of the Great Recession and Obama’s economic policies have not worked. Four years of a shrinking workforce and eight percent unemployment has shaken the people’s faith in the free enterprise system. It is not our economic system that has failed us. It is an administration that has blocked economic activity at every turn with their policies and regulations. From bans on oil exploration to oppressive EPA regulations and the largest tax increase in American history, Obama has failed to bring about the change needed to reinvigorate the economy and the American spirit.

We believe that Mitt Romney’s business experience, his strong Christian faith, characterized by his charity and works and his unshakable belief in the rightness of the American way will lead our nation back to greatness again; a greatness that Barak Obama promised but failed to deliver.


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